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Get your free editable book cover template now.

You can edit it on VistaCreate, a free online design tool, an alternative to Canva. Change the main photo and you will have your unique book cover. Layout, color and font types can be changed too.



This book cover is editable on VistaCreate, an alternative free online design tool to Canva, with more options for free accounts.

How to get your free book cover:

  1. Click “download” and then you will be directed to download a PDF document, containing a shareable link to get your free book cover template on VistaCreate.
  2. Click on the shareable link. Then you can edit your cover on VistaCreate with a free account (editable elements: Title, sub-title, author’s name, and possibly some visual elements).
  3. This free book cover template is not one-of-a-kind. Please change the photo to create your own unique book cover. You can also change color and font type creatively.

About VistaCreate:

  • You can register a free account with VistaCreate and start to edit your cover template immediately.
  • VistaCreate’s free account allows you to use their design tool, fonts and images.
  • As an alternative to Canva, VistaCreate is a powerful design tool with more options. Please visit VistaCreate for more information about their services.