All book covers are editable on VistaCreate, an alternative free online design tool to Canva, with more options for free accounts.

After completing your payment, you will get a VistaCreate’s template – edit your cover on VistaCreate with a free account (editable elements: Title, sub-title, author’s name, and possibly some visual elements)..

What elements are editable?
All the text: book title, sub-title, author’s name. You can change the text, add your own text, change the fonts, font color and font sizes.
Some graphic elements may be editable too.

Can I try to edit your template before I purchase my book cover?
Yes. Get any one of my free book cover templates here and try to edit it on VistaCreate. You have to register a free VistaCreate account in order to work on it.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee for using VistaCreate?
No, you don’t. You can just sign up a free account with VistaCreate, and use the tool to edit your book cover without paying any fees to VistaCreate .

What is VistaCreate?
VistaCreate is a popular graphic design platform offering a free plan and a paid subscription plan for users to create visual content. Sign up here.

Can I use my own software to edit my book cover?
Yes. You can use your own design software to edit the JPEG file that is available for download immediately after payment. In this case, you don’t need to use VistaCreate to edit your template.

I need help.
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